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Professional Visual Basic 6 XML

Teun Duynstee

Professional Visual Basic 6 XML teaches XML theory and applications for VB programmers with no previous XML experience. Following a complete introduction to XML concepts and syntax, youll rapidly discover where and how VOU can take advantage of XML in your own applications, and how to create new and innovative applications that use XML to achieve powerful results. The open, extensible and self-describing nature of XML makes it ideal for any situation where complex data is passed from one application or tier to another, or where data needs to be stored in a custom XML format. As a VB programmer you will quickly learn how to integrate XML with VB in a distributed object architecture. This includes storing and retrieving XML from a SQL Server database using a VB front-end, implementing XML linking using a VB component, and the integration of XML and VB applications in a SOAP/BizTalk/Oasis environment. Youll also learn how to write your own XML editor in VB and how to transform XML documents to and from HTML and other text formats including MS Word. Who is this Book For ? This book is ideal for any VB programmer who wants to learn how to take of XML technology and the available (free-to-use) implementations. What Does This Book Cover ? XML theory explained from the ground up. Programming with the XML Document Object Model. Validating XML with Schemas and DTDs. Transforming data to and from XML with XSLT. Querying and linking data using XPath, XPointer and Xlink. Storing and retrieving data in SQL Server 7 using XML. XML & VB in a distributed object architecture : using SOAP MTS, MSMQ. Performance tips and tricks.

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Professional Visual Basic 6 XML.pdf